UK zip codes
blog 02/01/2022

UK zip codes

In the Netherlands, it is often a hassle to find the right postcode for the right address. When you do business with England, this is no different. Especially if you don’t know the regions that well, it can be a real drama to get your correct information.

Postcodes in Engeland

England has, just like the Netherlands, a postal code system based on regions. The postcode consists of 5 to 8 characters, where the first two letters indicate a larger region or city. The next one or two digits indicate a specific area within this region. This is followed by three more characters, consisting of at least one letter and two numbers.

If you are going to export to England, it is useful to know in advance in which postcode area your destination lies. You can, of course, Google it time and time again. I wouldn’t do that if I were you! I would download our postcode map and hang it above your desk, so you always have a quick overview of the right zip codes!

zip code map UK

Always get confused with zip codes in the UK?

A zip code map helps you get on your way! That is why we created this useful overview for you. Make transports to England EASY again!