Infographic Incoterms
downloads 21/11/2022

Infographic Incoterms

International transports? Make sure you have good agreements with your customer or supplier! Download your infographic here

Do you want to transport goods to or from abroad? During transport, it is important to agree on responsibilities, transport costs and risks. You will have to deal with Incoterms.

Especially for transports to and from England, you will have to review your agreements. The Brexit has not made transport to and from England any easier. New rules, strict border controls and a lot of hassle with paperwork are a fact.

Download your infographic here with a clear overview of which incoterms are in place and what agreements are involved.

  • 11 incoterms described
  • A nice overview on one page
  • Makes transport to England clear and EASY
  • Your goods pass customs without problems
  • All agreements are in order

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