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Making your life EASY again!

Reach out for all your European transports, if you prefer fast, careful, and transparent service! As a young transport company, we believe in the power of communication and innovation. Many of our processes are automated and innovated to spend as much time as possible helping and understanding our customers in the best possible way.

We enjoy taking on challenges, solving everything and making sure your goods are delivered safely at the agreed time!

We’ve got your load!

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EASY Road Transport
Experience yourself, our service is the bees knees!

Core values



We are there for each other and for our customers day and night. We build friendships and that means we are loyal, honest, helpful and committed when working together!

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EASY Road Transport - Betrokken


Every day, we strive to improve ourselves. In doing so, we also grow as a team and as a company.

By continuously developing, we are always moving to improve our service for our customers and our positive impact on society.

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We take care of each other and our customers' cargo.

We trust each other, trust our customers and trust the partners we work with.

Trust is something you have to win and that directly indicates that we work on long-term (business) friendships.

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EASY does it!

Our services

Easy Road Transport - transport to and from the UK

Special transports and urgent deliveries

We provide customised services, also for special shipments and emergency deliveries.

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Easy Road Transport - transport to and from the UK

Customs documents

Arranging the right documents for shipments within and outside the EU can be tricky. Lots of paperwork! You don't have to figure that out on your own.

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Easy Road Transport - transport to and from the UK

Full Truck Loads (FTL) transport

A Full Truck Load, also called FTL transport, is an order between 11 and 13.6 load metres.

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Easy Road Transport - transport to and from the UK

Groupage & LTL transport

Groupage and LTL transports are sent fast and EASY to and from the UK.

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Transport to the UK: A Road map

Transport to the UK complicated? No way! This EASY road map helps you with all your transports. Download it now!


Transport company Barendrecht

EASY Road Transport is a transport company located in Barendrecht. Barendrecht is close to the Port of Rotterdam and is a strategic location for transports to the UK. Barendrecht is close to highways A15, A16, A29 and A4. From there, Easy Road Transport can easily drive to locations both in the Netherlands and in surrounding countries. EASY!

we did not pay them to say this, promised!

This is what our customers say

Vincent van Soest, Target Cars

EASY Road Transport makes transport really EASY

“This is the most friendly, quickest and helpful transport company I ever experienced.”

Vincent van Soest, Target Cars
Carlo Slaghuis, Commercial director Lievaart – Slaghuis

Finding personal solutions

“If there is a problem, it is always discussed over the phone, and we always find a fitting solution.”

Carlo Slaghuis, Commercial director Lievaart – Slaghuis
Leo van der Pol,  owner BLS Outdoor

“Outstanding service”

The company is competitive in price and progressive in service. Customer focus is a high priority, which is pleasant to work with.  In addition, the transit time is fast.

Leo van der Pol, owner BLS Outdoor
Judith Vermeer, GP Products

“Pleasant cooperation”

You notice that Easy Road is specialized in transporting goods from the UK, which makes this a very pleasant cooperation for us because they have knowledge of all the documentation.

Judith Vermeer, GP Products