Other destinations
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Other destinations

Your goods transported to and from destinations all over the world, EASY!

Transport to other destinations

Next to our daily destination, we can also provide transport on request to and from a.o. France, Luxembourg, Germany, Ireland, and Northern-Ireland with our own trailers. Besides, we collaborate with partners to arrange a shipping from other parts of the world.  

Do you want to spend as little time as possible on transporting your goods? Our EASY Roaders are available to you to take matters out of your hands. Any questions on the way? Your EASY Roader always knows the most recent status of your transport. Contact us for any specific questions about transport between Belgium and the UK.

  • Transport specialist 
  • Your goods arrive at their destination in time 
  • Personal contact with your EASY Roader 
  • Customs documents taken care of 
  • Strong collaborations with trustworthy partners


Within our shipping area, our trailers travel back and forth on a daily basis. We can also provide shipments on request with our own trailers to and from surrounding countries in Europe. This includes France, Luxembourg, Germany, Ireland, and Northern-Ireland.

We ship to other destinations such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Denmark in collaboration with a strong network of partners. This way, we are able to provide fitting and customized transport solutions. As a customer, you won’t notice that the transport is executed by one of our partners. We still arrange everything around your shipping! 

Price calculator

Calculate your transport costs in under 2 minutes!

Do you want to know the costs of transporting your goods from A to B? The price calculator lets you calculate your transport costs. No more surprises for you!

Transport to China

In collaboration with a reliable partner, we also ship goods from China to the Netherlands or to the UK and vice versa. Our partner takes care of the shipment from China to the Netherlands, we manage the final kilometres. You might not think so, but we can even do this for 1 pallet.

Other destinations

Of course, we love to think along with our customers, considering shipments to and from other parts of the world. We have to be honest: this is not our core business yet. We do have a strong network of shippers, meaning we can always inform our clients and find a suitable solution. However, our specialization lies with shipments from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Wales, Scotland, and England.  


Besides transport, we provide our customers with all the necessary documents for both export and import. To ensure this, we make use of two rock-solid partners in England and the Netherlands. We can transport under various Incoterms (Ex Works, DDP, DAP, etc.), as long as this is clearly agreed in advance. We also provide the correct paperwork for goods coming from China or other parts of the world, in collaboration with our partners.  


Are you looking for a transporter for hazardous goods? EASY Road Transport can also help you with the transports of ADR goods.

Leo van der Pol,  owner BLS Outdoor

“Outstanding service”

The company is competitive in price and progressive in service. Customer focus is a high priority, which is pleasant to work with.  In addition, the transit time is fast.

Leo van der Pol, owner BLS Outdoor

Holiday Calendar

Do you always get confused with holidays in the Netherlands, the UK and surrounding countries? We created a holiday calendar for you! It combines all official holidays from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium! Download it now.