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About us

About EASY Road Transport


Your life a lot Easier when it comes to import and export, that is what it’s about! As a creator of a beautiful product, you have full attention and focus on your product and on your customers. When your clients are located abroad, you want to ship your goods from A to B.

As an exporter, you want two things

  • Spend as little time, money and effort as possible on transporting your product
  • To be sure the products arrive at your client in perfect condition and on time
That is why you call EASY!

Confused with all Brexit documents? A checklist with all needed documents is ready! After providing all necessary information, you can lean back. Your transport is arranged from A to Z and your goods arrive at their destination in time. You are up-to-date every step of the way, and so is your client. All information is just one phone call away. This gives you maximum control for minimum effort. EASY!


Specialist in the Netherlands for transport to and from the UK.

The Brexit rules make transport to and from the UK complicated. That asks for someone who knows what they’re doing! As specialist, we know the (new) customs regulations. With an extensive network of partners, no transport challenge is too big.

Looking for a specialist to trust with your goods? Contact us!

Big, Bigger, Biggest!

We are a young transport company with a clear focus on you as the client. We were founded in 2018 in Den Bosch. The first three years were exciting and difficult, and the right to exist of EASY Road was far from certain. In 2020 the company moved to Barendrecht. Some adjustments in policy, organization and governance followed, and we actually made a fresh start in August 2020. Since then, the team has expanded, the number of trailers has increased, we have developed our own software, sales have doubled, and a solid foundation has been laid for us to continue to grow in the coming years.

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EASY Roaders

We are there for each other and for our customers day and night. We build friendships and that means we are loyal, honest, helpful and committed when working together!

EASY Road Transport - Betrokken

Every day, we strive to improve ourselves. In doing so, we also grow as a team and as a company.

By continuously developing, we are always moving to improve our service for our customers and our positive impact on society.


We take care of each other and our customers’ cargo.

We trust each other, trust our customers and trust the partners we work with.

Trust is something you have to win and that directly indicates that we work on long-term (business) friendships.

Easy Road Transport - Transport to and from the UK

The EASY Roaders

These are the people who make it happen for you. We are proud of the young and ambitious team of EASY Roaders. With fresh energy and innovative ideas, our EASY Roaders ensure that your goods arrive at their destination on time. We would like to get to know you!


Become an EASY Roader!

We are always open to talent, so even if there are no open positions listed on the right, you may always send us a message. As a growing startup, we can always use ambitious, young professionals from a variety of disciplines, so we’d love to get acquainted and look at the possibilities.

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