Road Freight to Wales
Rough coastlines, Welsh Rabbit, a unique language, and many castles

Road Freight to Wales

EASY Road Transport is your specialist in transporting goods to and from Wales

Transport to Wales

EASY Road Transport is specialist in transporting goods to and from Wales. We know the rules and regulations concerning transport to Wales. This way, we can offer fitting solutions to a great variety of transporting questions.

Since Brexit, transport between Wales and Europe has become a lot more complex. That is why we started EASY Road Transport in 2018 to make transport EASY for Dutch and British companies. We take care of the transport of your goods, including customs matters.

  • Specialist in transporting goods to and from Wales
  • Your goods arrive in time at their destination
  • Personal contact with your EASY Roader
  • Customs documents taken care of 
  • Strong collaborations with trustable partners

What is the average transit time of transport to Wales?

Normally, we use 2 transit days between loading and unloading (Monday loading = Wednesday unloading). For groupage part loads, an extra day is sometimes needed. Because we go back and forth on a daily basis, we can load and unload every day of the week.   

Transport to wales

Forms of Export to Wales

EASY Road transport can help you with different types of shipments that need to go to Scotland. Think of complete loads (FTL), partial loads (LTL or Groupage) or urgent shipments.

FTL transport to Wales

Looking for a reliable partner for your Full Truck Load (FTL) transports to Wales? Then you’ve come to the right place at EASY Road transport. We offer a fast and efficient service for all your FTL transport needs.

Our team of EASY Roaders is ready to organise and manage your shipments to Wales. With our extensive fleet and network of reliable carriers, we are able to transport your shipments quickly and safely. Bonus: FTL transport can almost always be scheduled superfast!

LTL transport & Groupage to Wales

With regular transports to and from Wales, we can get your groupage and LTL transports to Wales quickly and efficiently.

We understand that flexibility and reliability are key in LTL transport and groupage shipments. Therefore, we offer customised solutions that meet your specific needs, so you always get the best and fastest service.

Regulations for shipments to Wales

When planning to transport goods to Wales, it is important to consider the relevant regulations. Wales has its own transport regulatory bodies, including Transport for Wales and Natural Resources Wales.

Transporting goods to Wales requires adherence to various rules and regulations, depending on the nature of the goods and the type of transportation utilized. These regulations may involve licensing and certification requirements, customs regulations, as well as compliance with environmental standards.

But don’t worry about keeping track of all these regulations yourself! Our experienced team of EASY Roaders is well-informed about the latest rules and regulations. They will always provide you with the best possible guidance and advice regarding your transportation needs to Wales.

Customs in Wales

Since Brexit, there is a tough border between England and Europe. All goods coming from or going to the United Kingdom have to go through customs. In addition to transport, we also provide our customers with all the necessary documents for both export and import. To ensure this, we make use of two rock-solid partners in England and the Netherlands. We can transport under various Incoterms (Ex Works, DDP, DAP, etc.), as long as this is clearly agreed in advance. 

checklist documents transport England

Which documents do you need to transport to the UK?

The Brexit has made the answer to that question more difficult. This checklist makes transport and shipping to England EASY again!


Our trailers ship to England with the ships of Stenaline. Depending on the destination of the goods, we send the trailers to either Harwich or Killingholme. At both of these ports, we have daily bookings. This means that we can quickly adapt and react. 

Desitn8 – Port Community System

Destin8 is the UK version of Portbase. It is a software system in which carriers, shipping companies and customs are connected to each other. This system helps to have the transport between Europe and England run smoothly. Of course, we have our own account within Destin8 to register and monitor all shipments. This way, we make sure that the goods of our customers can enter England without any problems.    

Haulage to Wales after Brexit

Brexit has made transports to and from Wales more difficult. Your goods and transports now need new documents to cross borders, and new regulations apply. Difficult! Luckily, you now know that EASY Road Transport is specialist in transport to and from Wales. Of course, this also applies to the Brexit rules. Your EASY Roader is always up-to-date and knows which Brexit rules apply to your goods and transports. EASY!


Are you looking for a transporter for hazardous goods? EASY Road Transport can also help you with the transports of ADR goods to and from Wales.

FAQ Transport to Wales

How do I transport goods to Wales?

The most important thing to arrange for transporting goods to Wales is making sure you have all the correct documents. Besides this, you will have to find a fitting transporter that can export your goods across the border. Pay attention to the rules around Brexit, which changed on January 1st, 2022.

How much does it cost to ship your goods to Wales?

How much it costs to ship your goods to Wales depends strongly on how many goods you are exporting, where in the UK they should go and from where you are sending them. We’d love to help you with a price calculation! Our price calculator will help you get an indicative price in just a few simple steps.

What are the needed export documents for Wales?

When you are shipping goods to countries outside the EU, you will need export documents. Examples of these documents are a Certificate of Origin, EUR.1, EUR-MED or an ATA-carnet. Our checklist will tell you which documents you specifically need!

What is the average transit time of shipments to Wales?

Normally, we use 2 transit days between loading and unloading (Monday loading = Wednesday unloading). For groupage part loads, an extra day is sometimes needed.


Zip codes in the United Kingdom

The costs for your transports depend on the zip code of the area where the pallet must be loaded. An overview of all zip codes in the UK can be downloaded below. Always good to have a map like that at hand!

Transport to Wales

Transport to Wales has become more and more difficult since Brexit. Which documents do you need? How do I clear customs? Which legislations apply to me? We will help you answer your questions! EASY Road Transport is the expert in transport to Wales. As an expert, we know how to transport your goods across borders in time and without any issues. Fast, careful, EASY! Curious what this will cost you?

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Transport to Cardiff, Swansea and Newport

Alright, you now know that EASY Road Transport is your transport to Wales specialist. Great! How does this relate to the big cities in England? Of course, our EASY Roaders can help you with transports to a.o. Cardiff, Swansea and Newport.

As specialist, we know how to get your goods past customs without any issues. Fast, careful, EASY! Curious what this will cost you?

Judith Vermeer, GP Products

“Pleasant cooperation”

You notice that Easy Road is specialized in transporting goods from the UK, which makes this a very pleasant cooperation for us because they have knowledge of all the documentation.

Judith Vermeer, GP Products