How do you transport goods to and from England?

How do you transport goods to and from England?

Your company is growing fast and is doing a good job of selling its products. Meanwhile, you’re also getting more and more demand for your products across the borders, including sending your products from the UK to e.g. Germany. There are great opportunities to make more profit outside the UK, but you are still hesitating. The Brexit has not made things any easier, and you are afraid of a lot of bureaucracy and difficult regulations. I completely understand that!  Yet it’s not as complicated as you might think. At least, not if you have the right connections to make things a lot easier. So, how do you transport goods to and from England?

This blog even gives a cool Road Map at the end!

The how to

In transporting to England, you will have to take a number of things into account. Brexit has certainly had an impact on transport opportunities. Since the UK is no longer part of the EU since February 1st, 2020, all goods now have to be officially cleared through customs. This means (indeed) that you need different paperwork than if you were transporting goods before Brexit. 

checklist documents transport England

Which documents do you need to transport to the UK?

The Brexit has made the answer to that question more difficult. This checklist makes transport and shipping to England EASY again!

Next to paperwork, there are a lot of new rules and regulations. As an exporter of products, you can of course read them all yourself and try and understand what this all means to you. I am confident that, after some time, you will know most of the rules. There are smarter ways to approach this.

As mentioned above, the right partners can help you find a more efficient way. Partners can be organizations such as a customs experts or transport organizations. It is recommended to search for a company that specialized in the UK as a destination. The new Brexit rules are quite complicated, which needs a specialist’s eye.

Road map for transport to the UK

Of course, it is useful to have a clear overview of the procedures before you start exporting your goods. We have found a solution for this! We created a road map that tells you how to get your goods to your customer outside of England in 6 steps. 

Road map transport to UK

Transports to England complicated? No way!

The Brexit has made transports to and from the UK more difficult. This road map makes your transports to the England EASY again!