Collaboration in online marketing
blog 05/12/2022

Collaboration in online marketing

As a startup in the transport sector, you don’t immediately hire an online marketer, right? Well, we like to do things a little differently, so one of the first things we set up was an online marketing strategy. But fair is fair, we did indeed not hire an online marketer. Instead, hooked an Angler!

Anglers helps SMEs take the next step in online marketing by bringing an online marketer into the organisation from the office. From Anglers, online marketer Esther is in our office every week. Esther works on our online visibility and on efficiently using the website to collect new leads. And it’s working!

To take a first big step, we launched our new website in early 2021. Control designed it for us, and Anglers helped think about the strategy and goals behind it.

Esther thinks along on a weekly basis about online findability, social media, campaigns and e-mail marketing, among other things. Through SEO, SEA and LinkedIn, we attract valuable visitors to the website. This website is set up in such a way that visitors are quickly directed to the right places. In this way, we conveniently turn an unknown website visitor into a new customer and EASY Road Transport continues to grow. A valuable collaboration!

As EASY Road Transport, we find it important to keep working on innovation and digitalisation. Investing in online marketing provides us with new, valuable contacts and ensures that we can uphold our young image!