Thomas Hilbrands

Thomas Hilbrands


In short

Nickname: Final Boss
Dislikes: Bad TV adverts and self-made abbreviations
Secret talent: Making Duplo and Lego structures (when my children have long since stopped playing with the Duplo/Lego)
Best opening sentence: Hey, do you know how many trucks I have 😉
Secret superpower: Thomas is extremely resourceful. He’ll find a solution for every problem!

“The best advice is stock! And we would love to help you bring your stock to the UK!”

– Thomas

A short introduction

Hi, I am Thomas, 33 years old. Together with my wife I have two beautiful children, and I was born and raised in Rotterdam. After 30 years of living in the city, we moved to Barendrecht after the birth of our first child to get some more (garden) space!

After studying Business Administration (BSc) and Marketing Management (MSc) at Erasmus University, I worked for a number of years in various functions and roles at Berkman Energie Service. In January 2020 I started working for myself and worked on several projects in collaboration with Pieter Berkman.

Since 2021 I am co-owner of EASY Road Transport and I am working daily to grow the company and the team. I am convinced that business results stem from personal growth within the team. If the team and the individual team members develop positively, then the company also develops positively. With this philosophy, we have seen an incredible growth in the past period, and we have high ambitions to continue this growth in the coming period.

I am always open to meeting people and having a cup of coffee, so if you would like to work at EASY, or if you are interested in working with us, please let me know!

Thomas Hilbrands