Stephan Both

Stephan Both


In short

Nickname: Mister Chest
Life motto: Don’t bullshit, but work hard!
Would like to participate in: Kamp van Koningsbrugge
Favourite animal: His pet, Baco
Secret superpower: Stephan reads minds! He always knows your needs

“I value personal contact with stakeholders. This is reflected in the service provided by EASY!”

– Stephan

A short introduction

Hello, my name is Stephan and I live in Barendrecht. I live here together with my girlfriend, our dog and our son, who is just one year old now.

I have gained several years of experience in the transport sector before and have been working for EASY Road Transport since November 2020. Working in this team is very different from any other transport company, and I enjoy the young and innovative mentality within this company. I take on various tasks related to planning. Besides, I am more and more involved with the Sales of the company. Whichever role I perform, I attach great value to the personal contact with people and try to help the customers as best as I can with their wishes!

Stephan Both