Marin Tunders

Marin Tunders


In short

Nickname: Mart
Dislikes: People who discriminate
You can wake her up at night for: A good party or concert with good music
Favourite sandwich: Likes basically everything
Secret superpower: Marin can teleport! Of course, she brings your cargo with her. Saves time and money!

“Taking care of your transports in the best possible way with an open mind, that’s what we’re good at, at EASY!”

– Marin

A short introduction

My name is Marin, and I am 22 years old. Born and raised in Steenbergen in Brabant but now living in Rotterdam for about 1,5 years.

I have been working at EASY Road Transport since the summer and support my colleagues with various tasks. Besides my work at EASY, I am in my final year of the bachelor in Logistics Management at Hogeschool Rotterdam. From February 2023 onwards, I will start my graduation internship, of course at EASY Road Transport. Within EASY Road Transport, I get a lot of space to combine work and study. Although I haven’t been employed for very long, I notice that I can apply a lot of knowledge from my studies and have already developed myself more. Do you have a question? I am happy to think along with you!

Marin Tunders