Marin Tunders

Marin Tunders


In short

Nickname: Mart
Dislikes: People who discriminate
You can wake her up at night for: A good party or concert with good music
Favourite sandwich: Likes basically everything
Which TV show Marin would like to participate in: I would rather play an extra in a series than participate in a TV show

“Taking care of your transports in the best possible way with an open mind, that’s what we’re good at, at EASY!”

– Marin

A short introduction

My name is Marin and I am 22 years old. Born and raised in Steenbergen in Brabant but now living in Rotterdam for about 1,5 years.

I have been working at EASY Road Transport since the summer and support my colleagues with various tasks. Besides my work at EASY, I am in my final year of the bachelor Logistics Management at Hogeschool Rotterdam. From February 2023 onwards, I will start my graduation internship, ofcourse at EASY Road Transport. Within EASY Road Transport, I get a lot of space to combine work and study. Although I haven’t been employed for very long, I notice that I can apply a lot of knowledge from my studies and have already developed myself more. Do you have a question? I am happy to think along with you!

Marin Tunders