Marieke Hilbrands – Van der Pol

Marieke Hilbrands – Van der Pol


In short

Nickname: None, and she likes to keep it that way!
Life motto: Better too much than too little
Secret talent: Marieke is secretly Sherlock Holmes
Idol: David Attenborough
Dislikes: Bad commercials, chicory and turquoise

“Want to transport something to or from the UK? Definitely contact one of the EASY Roaders quickly!”

– Marieke

A short introduction

Hi, my name is Marieke, I am 33 years old, and I can (temporarily) proudly call myself EASY Roader. I live in Barendrecht with my husband (not entirely coincidentally a well-known EASY Roader) and 2 kids.

I studied Sociology and Media & Journalism at Erasmus University. After that, I worked for several years as a communication advisor for the government and in the hotel industry. Within EASY Road, I am responsible for making the reports, processing orders, and billing. I knew the EASY team before I started, but in real life they all are at least double the fun!

Marieke Hilbrands - Van der Pol