Colin van der Meer

Colin van der Meer


In short

Nickname: The eternal Intern
Dislikes: Whining people
Secret talent: Remembering the things you don’t need to know for a test
Would like to take part in: Expedition Robinson
What Colin wants to be when he grows up: Millionaire

“Transport to England? Contact one of the friendly EASY Roaders for the best service!”

– Colin

A short introduction

Hello, my name is Colin, I am 21 years old, and I live in Barendrecht. Last year I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration at Erasmus University.

During this study I started as an intern at EASY Road Transport and I haven’t left since. By now, I work as a full-fledged Easy Roader and enjoy experiencing the growth of the company. Within EASY Road Transport, I am responsible for the weekly analyses and for everything that involves customer service. Feel free to send me a message!