What is the size of a pallet?
blog 15/02/2022

What is the size of a pallet?

A pallet is one of the most common ways to transport goods anywhere in the world. However, what many exporters do not know is that the size of a pallet varies. There are different types of pallets, all with different measurements. The most common types are euro pallets, block pallets, and mini pallets. You will read more about these pallets below. 

Pallets make it a lot easier to move goods around. They are made to be reused, making them eco-friendly. They are also safe and convenient to work with, making them a perfect solution for transporters and truck drivers. It is therefore no surprise that pallets are used widely in the logistics sector. When you ask one of our Easy Roaders to transport goods, they will definitely ask you about your pallets. In other words: Make sure you also know what you are talking about! 

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What is the size of a Euro pallet? 

The most common type of pallet within Europe is a Euro pallet. A Euro pallet is the most common type of pallet. It has a rectangular shape and is made from wood, plastic or metal. Euro pallets are available in different sizes, but the most common size is 80×120 cm, which is 0,4 load meters. Within a regular trailer, a total of 33 Euro pallets can be loaded as a full truck load.  

What is the size of a Block pallet? 

Next to Euro pallets, block pallets are often used in transportation. A Block pallet is sized 100x120cm. This is a total of 0,5 load gauges. As with a euro pallet, a block pallet can be delivered in different materials.  In total, 26 block pallets can be loaded in a regular trailer.  

What are CP pallets? 

CP is short for chemical pallet. This is a synthetic type of pallet. They are used to shipping boxes, sacking, barrels, and big bags. Within containers and trucks, CP5 is the most used type of chemical pallet.  

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Pallet measurements 

The table below gives an overview of the most used pallets globally and their measurements, weight, and load meters.  

PalletLengthWidthLoading gauges
Euro pallet80 cm120 cm0,4 m
Block pallet100 cm120 cm0,5 m
Mini pallet55 cm70 cm0,18 m
Display pallet60 cm 80 cm0,2 m
Display pallet (alternative)40 cm60 cm0,13 m
American pallets102 cm122 cm0,61 m
Düsseldorf pallets60 cm80 cm0,2 m
CP1 pallets100 cm120 cm0,5 m
CP2 pallets80 cm120 cm0,4 m
CP3 pallets114 cm114 cm0,57 m
CP4 pallets110 cm130 cm0,65 m
CP5 pallets76 cm114 cm0,38 m
CP6 pallets100 cm120 cm0,5 m 
CP7 pallets110 cm130 cm0,65 m
CP8 pallets114 cm114 cm0,57 m
CP9 pallets114 cm114 cm0,57 m
Industrial pallet or ISO pallet100 cm120 cm0,57 m
Basket pallet100 cm100 cm0,42 m
Container pallet114 cm114 cm0,57 m
Drum pallet120 cm120 cm0,60 m

How many pallets fit in a trailer?

As you have read above, there are many different pallet sizes available. The most common sizes are euro pallets and block pallets. A standard trailer fits 33 euro pallets and 26 block pallets.