A Blue Banana?! And more Transport Terminology
blog 03/02/2022

A Blue Banana?! And more Transport Terminology

FTL transport, ATB transport, Cabotage, Bilateral transport… The logistics and transport sector is full of terms, complicated words and jargon.


As an exporter, you yourself are often not very familiar with these terms. The transport sector is a proud sector with many ‘own’ words. On the other hand, transporters and drivers remain in contact with people outside this sector, who are not always able to understand these terms. This gives challenges.

Of course, we as EASY Road Transport cannot close this gap completely. We can, however, do our best to start building a bridge! That is why we have made an overview of the most important transport and logistics terms in this blog. How useful is that!


ADR – ADR is all about the transports of hazardous goods. Read all about it in our blog about ADR!

Axle configuration – The number of axles that a road vehicle has and the places where these axles are located  

Axle load – The proportion of the weight of the load and of the vehicle that is ultimately transferred to the ground via an axle and the wheels of this axle.  

Road map transport to UK

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BCO or Beneficial Cargo Owner – The ultimate owner of the cargo, usually the consignee.

Broker – An intermediary or company that organises the transportation of goods and is the communicator between the shipper and the ultimate carrier

Bilateral transport – The transport of goods between two different countries by a vehicle registered in one of these countries

Black box – A box in the trucks that allows the truck to be followed by the transporter at all times

Blue Banana – The area between Manchester and Italy with the highest density of cities per area. This is where most of the trades happen.

Block pallet – A pallet measuring 100cm x 120cm

Bobcat – informal term used to describe a truck without its trailer

Bulk cargo – Goods that are not transported in combined packages, such as in a trailer or on a pallet, but that are loaded separately from each other


Cabotage – Carriage from A to B within the borders of a particular country, where the country is not one’s own

Cargo – this is a synonym for freight, meaning the goods that are being transported

Carrier – the company that uses trucks to transport your goods to their destination

Charter – transport by road carried out on behalf of another carrier

Collection or combination ride – A ride where the driver stops at several places to load

Collo (plural: Colli) – one unit of goods

Consolidation – combining several loads to make one shipment, saving costs

Coupling wagons – Hooking up the trailer to the tractor (truck)

Customs clearance – Completing the necessary customs formalities in order to transport the goods across borders.


Demurrage costs – A fee that has to be paid if shippers or consignees delay carriers past the time that was agreed upon 

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Declared value – refers to either the value that is placed on imported goods by an importer, or the value that the shipper gave to the carrier that the shipment is worth in case of loss or damage

Depot – storage place for goods and products  

Drops – The delivery addresses of the goods in a freight queue  


Emission – The emission of harmful gases. There are strict rules about this in many countries   

EORI number – An identification number for all market participants within the EU, with which customs information can be easily tracked and recorded. We have written more about this number in our EORI blog!

Escorted transport – This refers to the escorting of special transport 

Euro pallet – A standard 80 cm x 120 cm pallet  


Fenex Terms and Conditions – The Dutch terms and conditions which govern the relationship between the forwarder and the principal  

Fleet – The total number of trucks owned by a transport company. Fun fact: EASY Road’s fleet consists of 60 trailers

Freight forwarder – An intermediary or company that organises the transportation of goods and is the communicator between the shipper and the ultimate carrier 

Full-Truck-Load (or FTL transport) – A full load where a full container is sent from one shipper to one receiver  

Still have questions about all these terms? Ask our EASY Roaders! They can explain them all.


Groupage – A shipment that is smaller than a full trailer. When transporting this groupage shipment, the driver will load and unload at several locations.   


Haulage – moving goods to or from a specific port  

HS code – this is a code that is used to classify the type of transport globally


Import duties – these are the taxes that are charged related to customs when importing goods into a country

Incoterms – terms that are used to internationally used to agree on who carries transport responsibilities, risks and costs

Intermodal – transporting goods using multiple modes of transportation, like by road and by sea.


Less-Than-Truck-Load (or LTL) transport – a load that is not large enough to completely fill the trailer.   

Load factor – The ratio of the proportion of the cargo capacity that is utilised to the proportion that is not utilised 

Loading meter or Load gauge – a measure calculating the size of a load based on the width of a truck  

Loading and unloading dock – a loading and unloading place on a building where a truck can be unloaded  

Load – anything in or on the truck that can be removed without tools and is therefore not a direct part of the vehicle itself   

Logistics – The planning, organisation and execution of a flow of goods and the science behind it.

Lorry – the British synonym for a truck


Mini pallet – A pallet with dimensions 80 cm x 60 cm  

Modality – The mode of transport of the goods, such as road, air or sea freight.


Nearshoring or Near sourcing – The placing of a company right next to the place where the product is produced.   

zip code map UK

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Offshoring – Moving certain business processes overseas, often where wages are lower.    

Overage – the part of a loading that is more than what was communicated in the documentation 


Pallet distribution – the shipping and transport of pallets  

Paperless transport – exchanging documents such as the consignment note digitally instead of papery  

Still have questions about all these terms? Ask our EASY Roaders! They can explain them all.


Road transport – All movements of both goods and passengers by road within a given road network 

Roll container or roll pallet – a non-stackable goods unit on wheels  


Semi-trailer – A trailer that is designed to be coupled to a tractor in order to be transported 

Shipper – the party who wants to export his goods and has them transported by a carrier  

Stuffing – the loading of several small loads in one trailer  

Supply chain – the goods chain, mapping out the entire chain from production to recipient  

Supply Chain diagram – A graphical representation of the entire process of a product, starting from production and ending at the receiver 


Tachograph – records how many kilometres have been driven, how fast the journey has been made and when the driver has taken a break   

Taut liner – a typical trailer that has a slide curtain on the sides

TMS or Transport Management System – A system that helps planners and transporters in the transport industry to plan their transports  

Tonne-kilometre (Ton km) – The unit of measure of the total movement of a tonne of cargo over one kilometre  

Track & Trace – The system whereby the cargo can be directly followed via GPS. The black box plays an important role here  

Transit time – the time between the pick-up of a shipment and the delivery

Transport throughput – Goods that pass through Dutch territory on their way from another country to their country of destination, but which are not cleared by Dutch customs  


Uncoupling Wagons – Releasing the trailer from a tractor 


Waybill – The recorded agreement on the transport of certain goods. This letter contains the details required for the execution of the transport, including customs clearance 

Working Hours Act for Transport – this Working Hours Decree lays down the times at which drivers drive and rest. This decree applies to national and international transport.   

Still have questions about all these terms? Ask our EASY Roaders! They can explain them all.