Not every season is Holiday season
blog 29/12/2021

Not every season is Holiday season

You probably know the feeling. You are doing business abroad and are about to transport your goods to, for example, the Netherlands. You want to give your customer a quick call to finalise matters. You call, but there is no answer. King’s day today, and you have forgotten about it again! Every year, it’s the same old story.   

Holidays across the border can be quite confusing. Each culture has their own moments to have a day of and celebrate a birthday, remember a historical moment, or celebrate a national pride.

You are certainly not the only one who runs into this. Our EASY Roaders also regularly ran into the same problem. Not any more! We came up with a solution and have made an overview of all holidays in one page. You will find all holidays that are celebrated in England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are collected in one calendar.

Holiday calendar

Never forget a holiday abroad again

Do you also get confused with all holidays across borders? This holiday calendar helps you to never forget a holiday again! Make your transports EASY!