Brexit – Everything you need to know for transports to and from the UK
blog 07/11/2022

Brexit – Everything you need to know for transports to and from the UK

Since 31 January 2020, the Brexit is a fact. With it, the UK officially left the EU. We are now about 3 years further and a lot has changed. A new Brexit agreement discussing cooperation and trade between the UK entered into force since the beginning of 2021. These new regulations have changed the relations between the EU and the UK.  

We can tell you all sorts of things about the Brexit, which is of course no problem. What we want to avoid is explaining all the details from Brexit. After all, you can assume that all EASY Roaders are well-informed and will advise you on documentation, regulations and things to arrange. That way, you won’t have to immerse yourself into all the fine prints!  

Brexit - transport

However, we do like to make your life EASY. We won’t write everything out in full. In fact, there are plenty of organisations that keep track of the state of affairs for you. Think of government sites and industry organisations. We have collected the most important websites and pages for you, which you will find below!  

Government information about Brexit 

Fortunately, the government is helping us get the most important information around Brexit. The British Government uses: 

  1. UK Government website

They have also created a Brexit scan, focusing on how to handle your exports and imports. Most information about Brexit can be found here. The website has content written for entrepreneurs, companies, citizens, about taxes, etcetera.  

Price calculator

Calculate your transport costs in under 2 minutes!

Do you want to know the costs of transporting your goods from A to B? The price calculator lets you calculate your transport costs. No more surprises for you!

Information about Brexit for companies  

For entrepreneurs, there is also specific information to be found about Brexit. Our golden tips are: 


And again, check the UK government site for relevant content!  

Brexit - transport

Information for the logistics industry 

Even in our own (wonderful) sector, we collect plenty of information that is relevant. The great thing about information from our own industry is that the coverage is specific to transport and logistics. When searching for information about your transports, you will find your answers here the quickest. Useful Industry sites are: 


Brexit news 

Would you like to stay updated on the latest news surrounding Brexit? Most news sites have a category that relates to Brexit. These inform you on all general and newsworthy updates about Brexit. Most items relate more to politics or corporate life and less to logistics. But hey, maybe that is exactly what you were looking for! 


checklist documents transport England

Which documents do you need to transport to the UK?

The Brexit has made the answer to that question more difficult. This checklist makes transport and shipping to England EASY again!

Brexit and EASY Road Transport 

Do you arrange your transports together with EASY Road Transport? Then your life is very EASY! Although sometimes it can be quite handy to be familiar with all the information above, you don’t need to know all this. The EASY Roaders will tell you what they need from you and will take care of everything else. EASY!