14 New Krone ferrytrailers added to the fleet
blog 19/07/2022

14 New Krone ferrytrailers added to the fleet

Business is thriving! We are growing and therefore it was time to take ownership over a part of our fleet. It considers fourteen ferrytrailers from Krone.

We have developed into a highly valued specialist in transport to the United Kingdom. “We have built a network within a short period. Our flexibility and personal touch has been our main selling point. We receive a favor factor from other parties because of our young and ambitious team within an old-fashioned industry. Moreover, Brexit is of influence. We notice that colleagues in the industry would rather outsource transports to the UK to a specialist, who knows the current situation”, explains Thomas.

Thomas with Jan Jaap Doelman (right) from Krone Netherlands

Opportunity or threat

No one will deny the fact that Brexit had caused quite some commotion. “We were able to respond to the situation and use our website to convince clients that we know what is happening in road transport between Europe and the UK”, mentions Thomas “We post blogs with information on our site and share free, useful tips and tools for transport to the UK. An example of this is an uncomplicated ‘checklist’. This way, we show that we are in control when it comes to the rules that apply to transports to and from the UK.” You can find these blogs and tips within our knowledge centre.

Krone ferrytrailers

Right from the start, Krone was a self-evident business partner for us. “The brand had a good reputation and we had no doubts when it came to buying new trailers. Yet, a good reputation is not enough. Over the years, Krone proved able to respond to our wishes quickly and accurately. This led to Krone supplying almost our entire fleet, which currently consists of 60 trailers”, tells Thomas.

“Krone Netherlands has the right network and expertise to maintain our fleet. They also support us on the operational front. They understand our business, which leads to a good cooperation. We choose Krone for all the right reasons.” Collaborating with trustworthy partners like Krone is great!


The fact that Krone can offer a telematics-system is another advantage for our business. “By using telematics, we always know where our trailers are. This is useful, because our trailers travel between Europe and the UK without guidance.” This is another ambition for innovation, so explains Thomas. “We want to use a a system like this to update our clients on their transports even more specifically. When you order a pizza nowadays, you know when the toppings are added, when it is put in the oven, when it is sliced and when the courier is in front of your door. This should also be possible when it comes to a transport of 30 pallets from your warehouse in the Netherlands to your client in the UK. We collaborate with Krone to see how we can make this happen. It shows that Krone does more than merely delivering the right trailers.” This way, we actively work on innovations within the industry!